Urban Columbia
February — 17

To The Streets

Brand / Identity

An Updated System

Exploring Columbia’s space in the streetwear/urban market to see how they could better serve a younger, more style focused costumer base. Inspired by Columbia's ongoing collaborations with KITH, this execution showcases a visual system the brand could leverage if it extended itself  into the streetwear sector.

The Logo, & system as a whole, pays homage to Columbia's origins by maintaining similar geometry within the logo as well as utilizing blue as the flagship color of the brand. Overall muted colors & minimal typography are inspired by stark urban architecture. Columbia has evolved, have you?


Minimal & Modern

Utilizing imagery from current collaborations with KITH & bold minimal typography I created two poster series representative of the evolution of Columbia. Urban, modern, and clean, the compositions aid in redefining Columbia as a brand ready for the streets.

The Basics

In regards to clothes I chose to represent a few standard pieces when it comes to streetwear. A lightweight quarter-zip anorak, 5 panel, and pockets tees. Additionally, I explored an updated version of Columbia shopping bags that are cohesive with the new visual system.
A world in which Columbia further develops its streetwear line/brand by building on current collaborations within the industry. Style, performance, and heritage all in one.