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Deschutes Fresh Haze
Influencer Kit — 12.18
Tour de Mari
Brand Concept — 03.19
Urban Columbia
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You Are Hear
Exhibition — 06.18
Airbnb Mega-Hosts
Infographic — 03.18
Things That Matter To Me
Their stories, work, lives, and input. Friends. Growing with them. Changing With them. Journeys. Staying in touch, making an impact. Memories.
Getting uncomfortable & trying some new stuff. Not being great at it, being ok with that. Following threads of inspiration to unknown ends.
Bringing the flair, special sauce, and uniqueness to the table. Find what makes sense, push it, flip it. Make that thing beautiful. Or ugly (intentionally).
The small things! A little this, a little that. The pursuit of perfection (eh). Putting in that little extra to make the experience or product special.